Make every Journey Count! The workshops can be taken as one off event, or used in conjunction with the on-going Alchemy of Yoga classes on Tuesdays. These workshops are a perfect opportunity to explore further your journey of self development and exploration.

These Workshops use similar techniques as the Tuesday classes, such as defining your goals and identifying your obstacles to change. With the use of exercises, visualization, meditation, discussion, and relaxation you will learn to spot your patterns of behaviour and have the courage and insight to create the future you decide!

  • Define your goals
  • Identify your obstacles
  • Create your own future
  • Identify your fear of change!
  • Realise your patterns of behaviour!
  • Identify your blocks!
  • Find out what you really want!
  • Create your own future!
  • Feel liberated!
  • Make every journey count!
Date: Sat 22 October 2016
Teacher: Fran & Michelle
Time: 12:00-15:00
Cost: Members £35
Cost: Non members: £45
Contact: 01707 600762
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