yoga-head-positionThis workshop will start with an asana sequence to prepare the ground for a safe and effective headstand. Once we are prepared then we will go into techniques and modifications for acquiring headstand, from a complete beginner to improving an already established headstand.

Techniques for the successful completion of headstand with confidence and safety. Clear instruction and demonstration and plenty of opportunity to practise in a safe environment and ask questions.

This workshop is perfect for student teachers, practising teachers, students with an existing head stand practise or those who want to go upside down successfully for the first time.

Your Teacher Fran has a self practise of 40 years and is a master of headstand, she teaches to all levels with confidence and clarity. Whether you are a beginner or experienced you will come away with more knowledge and an improved understanding of head stand.

We will cover how to teach to beginners and practised students. We will cover contradictions and health and safety so that you will feel confident and safe to teach head stand.

Date: Sat 26/11/16
Time: 11:00-13:30
Teacher: Fran Thompson

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