johnYoga Dharma has both a relaxing and friendly environment and I have found it has greatly improved my spiritual practice. I was interested in the philosophical side of yoga and wanted to find out what yoga was about…

I was happy to find out at Yoga Dharma that a yoga practice is more than stretches and postures! The teachers at Yoga Dharma have opened my eyes to a different way of seeing things; they guide me and shine a light on areas in my practice that could be improved, not only on a physical level, but spiritually as well.

After practicing Ashtanga I found that I started to really enjoy the classes and have fun! I get a real sense of personal achievement when I can see progress and when I get into postures. The encouragement from the teachers is incredibly helpful. Yoga Dharma has enhanced my life! I am very grateful that Yoga Dharma was the place I chose to start my journey.