Authentic Yoga. Husband and wife team Martin and Fran are both authentic and knowledgeable yoga teachers with many years of experience which they love to share with their students.

Authentic Yoga


They are extremely welcoming and get to know all their students to ensure that they are comfortable and working safely. Martin and Fran are real yogi’s that have studied with the masters of modern yoga. I have practiced yoga for over 20 years and this means it is sometimes difficult for me to find teachers that I can learn from and be inspired by.


Every class that I attend at Yoga Dharma brings an opportunity for me to learn and deepen my knowledge as the standard of teaching is very high. At the same time, their sense of humour and personality is always present in the classes.

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Yoga Dharma has recently undergone a refurbishment and has a warm friendly team working in the café and studios that will make you feel instantly welcome. They have regular social events, workshops and even holidays on offer.


Refreshingly, there is none of the pretentiousness you might find at trendier studios, but all of the authenticity and humility that is needed on a personal yoga journey. This is the place to go if you want more than exercise or stretching – the place to go to find a yoga community with ethical values and teachers that are passionate about hatha yoga.

Julie Seery. August 2016