Yoga Without Compromise.

A yoga centre led by the community which uses it, rather than a commercial enterprise, is a centre free to express itself. – Martin Thompson.

communityWhen Fran and I first visualised our ideas for Yoga Dharma, we continually returned to a vision of a community of yogis and thinkers.

It has been a challenge not to compromise our ideals, especially in the face a world that seems to introduce a new and better system of yoga every other week, but we have, and I am very proud of what we have achieved.

Our vision was to establish a centre for like-minded people to come together and practice yoga, not just once a week, but as a way of life. We planned a centre where seekers are able to discuss the philosophy of yoga, in a non-dogmatic way, and free to express their opinions. It has taken us ten years to establish our dream, and here it is. Yoga Dharma is a place where you go to practice yoga without compromise.

The Future of Yoga Dharma

Our ultimate vision is to establish a self-fulfilling community, which is there for yogis and seekers to practice and discuss what yoga is, not as a concept, but to live and breathe yoga as it is mean to be. A centre that is led by the community that uses it. A centre that is free to express itself.