Ashtanga Yoga Retreat Europe


ASHTANGA YOGA RETREAT EUROPE-Yoga Dharma 200/500-hour teacher training and yoga retreats, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.


200 and 300-hour 15-day intensive residential yoga teacher training courses with Yoga Alliance International & Yoga Alliance accreditation.


The knowledge acquired on our courses enables students to shine as an individual and expert yoga teacher. Our comprehensive yoga teacher training method furnishes students with confidence and flair to teach with uniqueness and skill.

The program provides accomplished and generous instruction in the specialised, practical and subtle areas of yoga. You will gain assurance adjusting students individually and within a group. The courses delve into yoga philosophy enabling students to be self-assured and knowledgeable discussing the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Bhagavad Gita and the history of yoga.

Ashtanga yoga retreat Europe


Bespoke yoga holiday’s catering for small groups with lots of one to one support available. Highly individualised teaching from the Yoga Dharma team with Martin Thompson and Fran Thompson, with around 100 years’ experience between them.

Classes include lots of specific and individual adjustments, with close attention paid to the alignment of postures. Classes are suitable for all levels and abilities. The fine-tuning and detail available will enable your practice to flourish.

Yoga Dharma retreats are accessible to all and include many extras, including days out, or if preferred the centre is secluded and so perfect for soaking up the warm sun.


Yoga Dharma, Veliko Tarnovo is a modernised traditional farmhouse set in a glorious nature reserve and nestled within the Balkan Mountains.

Packed with original features the centre is the perfect place to relax and learn. The house was built using local materiel’s, with ceilings constructed using wooden beams and floors and walls with stone.

The centre is in a peaceful hamlet with large gardens which are secluded with views across the mountains. In season there is a small pool and lots of garden furniture to relax and unwind.

The centre has laundry facilities which are free to use.

Ashtanga yoga retreat Europe


Depending on the course, there is either a chef on site to cater for all requirements, or we take meals at our local spa centre. Either way the larders are stocked with local fresh and seasonal ingredients. We are all vegetarian/vegan. Teacher training and retreats include all meals and snacks on site.


The centre is comfortable, with lots of space and a selection of rooms for all tastes, including en-suite. The cellar is reserved for students and includes huge sofas to relax in and a small library including many yoga texts. There is a projector and lots of videos for movie nights. Towels and complementary hand soap are provided.


Established over nearly two decades of conducting yoga teacher training courses, Yoga Dharma has the expertise and the infrastructure to meet individual needs and expectations.

On fulfilment of all the elements of the program you will qualify for a Yoga Dharma certificate which its globally recognised with Yoga Alliance International and Yoga Alliance accreditation.


Yoga Dharma BG is surrounded by the stunning scenery of a nature reserve, secluded and private while sitting above a beautiful Spa resort. The peace and tranquilly of the area will embrace you the moment you arrive.

Ashtanga yoga retreat Europe


Your yoga practice will evolve with the expert and enlightened guidance of the Yoga Dharma teachers. Every student comes with their individual requirements, and the Yoga Dharma team has the expertise to match their needs.

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