This class follows the Ashtanga system  and will be adjusted for all levels. The sequence will be talked through at a slower pace, to allow for beginners to follow. More instruction will be given, and advise on correct breathing techniques. The names of postures will be given in English, with a minimum of technical terms included, and only when necessary and clearly explained.

If necessary the class may use fewer postures than in the full sequence, and only if it suits the class, this is known as a short forms practice. This is only done to make the practice accessible for all levels. Time will be given for all students to process and assimilate instructions, along with modifications when needed. This may include the use of props if your teacher thinks it is necessary. Dont worry, if you dont want adjustments just let your teacher know.  This is an inclusive class.

Ashtanga Yoga for all Levels with Yoga Nidra: as above with a deep guided relaxation to finish.

Ashtanga Yoga for all Levels with Meditation: as above with a guided mindfulness meditation