This class is suitable for all levels, and is based around the Ashtanga system. The class will introduce a selection of postures from the Ashtanga system, and will include variations for all levels.

The class is suitable for general beginners and those wishing to learn the sequence. It is also suitable for more experienced students, as variations can be included to stretch you further.

The class will include a full range of postures starting with warm ups, and standing postures such as Down dog, Triangle, wide legged forward beds, balances and squats. There will also be a selection of traditional seated posters to open the hips and stretch the legs. There will be a short finishing sequence of postures with spinal rotations, back bends and inversions. Dont worry, all the posturer’s can be modified or excluded for the individual.

One of our excellences is the ability of our teachers to adjust and modify postures to each individual in  class. No one is left out, you will always receive personal help and advise. All our teachers are trained through the Yoga Dharma Teacher Training Courses. We train teachers beyond the basic all the way up to the 1000 hour level, which far exceeds anything you will come across locally.