Based around traditional yoga postures this class will give the whole body a thorough shake up. The class is for all levels, so even if you are a seasoned practitioner, you will come away with a sense of having worked to your limit.

The class begins with some warm up stretches, and moves cohesively into a sequence that works the whole body from tip to toe. It includes a full range of stretches and exercises to work all our muscle groups, while making it relevant to each individual student.

You will know you have worked your core and your cardio system. We dont forget the back extensors with exercises to fully work our back muscles, while interchanging with core exercises, keeping our practice balanced. The leg muscles get a full workout, not just the Quads, but the adductor’s (inside thigh muscle group) abductors (outside thigh muscle group) and hamstrings (big muscles in the back of upper legs)   The upper body and shoulders are worked, and will include variations for all levels, as will the whole class.

This is a lively and enjoyable class, which will dramatically improve overall fitness, and is underpinned with the values of yoga, making it a full and rewarding experience. Or you can come along and just sweat it you like!