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Beginners Workshop

29 September 2016 @ 18:00 - 19:30

Organised by : Martin

A complete introduction to yoga for the beginner, this one off workshop will include all you need to know about creating and implementing yoga into your life. We will look…


A complete introduction to yoga for the beginner, this one off workshop will include all you need to know about creating and implementing yoga into your life. We will look at how important the breath is, not just during your yoga practice but in our everyday life. The respiratory system is one of the bodies major ways of detoxifying itself, and your introductory workshop will guide you through basic breathing exercises, and introduce breathing systems to improve everyday life.

A regime of simple stretches will help the body release tension, and therefore stress related tension held within the body. We repeat patterns of behaviour as a habit, without considering the effects until something goes wrong. A regular yoga practice will start to undo those patterns, allowing us to reflect and replace them with new and beneficial patterns. The body begins to move more freely, and with less tension. Our posture improves and this has the effect of feeding back positive messages to our cranial brain.

A major benefit of practicing yoga on a regular basis is the effect on our digestive system. On your beginner’s yoga workshop, you will learn and practice some techniques that work to improve the functioning of the digestive system. The digestive system also known as the second brain produces most of the bodies serotonin, or the feel good hormone. Regulating the digestive system will have a profound effect on everyday life.

The ability to relax is something that evades a lot of us but is vital to our wellbeing and good health. On your introduction workshop we will explore ways to actively relax the body, from being guided by your teacher, to simple techniques we can all implement into our lives. The truth is a certain amount of stress is a good thing, the problem is it can get out of hand, and it can come down to how we perceive a situation, or the patterns already associated with a particular situation. Sometimes changing the way, we think about something can bring about revolutionary changes.

You will be guided into a state of total relaxation, through a combination of body awareness and visualisation. At this time the brain waves change and we enter the alpha brain wave pattern. This is the time our sub-conscious mind, and therefore our body takes on board our new yoga practice. The truth is just one practice will have an effect, never the less the more we practice the more profound the effects.

Your Introduction to a yoga practice workshop will equip you with the tools and information to carry on with your practice at home. It includes a comprehensive handout with clear instructions and guidance on all the techniques covered in your workshop.

This introduction is suitable for all levels, and includes those who may be thinking of returning to a yoga practice. Suitable and appropriate modifications will be offered to suit all students.

You will leave Yoga Dharma feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and enthusiastic, armed with your new skills, ready to begin a regular yoga practice.

Date: Thursday 29 Sept
Time: 18:00-19:30
Teacher: Martin
Cost: £10
Tel: 01702 600 762
email: enquiries@yogadharma.co.uk

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