Padadhirasana – The purpose of padadhirasana is to bring balance to the breath and as a preparation for meditation, Padadhira is also a bhavana practice which means contemplative awareness.  

It is very easy and is generally practiced by people who have difficulty in getting into Siddhasana or The Accomplished Pose and Padmasana or The Lotus Pose.

Padadhira is a very approachable practice and is suitable for many students. Any seated posture that keeps the spine upright and the pelvis in a neutral position is acceptable. Vajrasana (see below) is a posture that will achieve an upright position with a little refinement or adjustment for most people.

Padadhira = balancing of breath

Asana = posture



If the student is not able to sit easily as above, then a few small changes can make a big difference. Place a block or blocks so the student straddles them with the legs either side. If the ankles are tight, roll up a soft blanket and place it under the tops of the ankles, this will reduce the pressure there.  



  • Cross the arms over the front of the chest and place with the hands under the opposite armpits
  • The thumbs pointing upward
  • The hands wrapping around the ribs under the armpits
  • Close the eyes and become aware of the breath

Now be aware of the breath rising and falling equally up and down the nostrils. Practice for up to 20 minutes depending on experience.

Use as a preparation for Nadi Shodhana.

Commonly used in Swara yoga

Martin Thompson