Candlemas Meditation


With creative exercises we reflect on what we have accomplished during the last season, what we most need for the coming time, and how to build what we need and how it should serve us and others.

  • What we want to create
  • How to build our intentions
  • How it will serve us and others
  • Then we meditate on light while musing on our intentions


Yule and Winter Solstice, or Christmas is placed at the time of year where we experience the shortest days and a time to look towards the beginning of the longer sun filled days, with a new year and new beginnings. This can be symbolised as the birth of the Sun, and just as after any birthing ritual we are left depleted, with the need and time to recharge, as we do at the time beyond Yule.

Candlemas, Imbolc, Valentines day or Lent, can be thought of as our six-week check- up after birth. This is a time when we leave our house with our new baby (dreams, ambitions and aspirations) and rethink to make preparation for this coming time. It is a time for nurturing ourselves, by using massage, eating healthy nutritious food, exercise and meditation. Its a time for putting our desires into action.

Date: Sunday 2nd Feb

Time: 13:30-15:00

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This is a Yoga Dharma community event and free to our members and invited guests