Hip Openers


HIP OPENERS This workshop will demonstrate and enable safe and effective strategies for opening the hips. Understanding alignment is essential for safely unlocking the hips, and with careful instruction progress …

Klesha 4


KLESHAS The Kleshas-The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is one of the most profound texts on yoga which explains yoga and the obstacles that prevent us from realising the true nature …



Celebrate the return of the light and set your new intentions for the coming summer. Honour the light through a candle meditation where we sit and muse on our hopes for the approaching light. Creative exercises to establish your goals and say thank you for what you have recived. A Yoga Dharma community event which is free to our members and invited guests.

Yoga Head Position

Headstand Workshop

Headstand workshop will start with an asana sequence to prepare the ground for a safe and effective headstand. Once we are prepared then we will go into techniques and modifications …

Yoga Jump Through

Finishing Postures Alignment & Adjustment

sold out! This workshop covers the finishing postures of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series, and will include alignment, anatomy and adjustment for all levels. The asanas included are shoulder stand …

Yoga Jump Through

Yoga Hip Openers

Opening up the hips in yoga is far more than pigeon, in fact this workshop doesn’t go anywhere near pigeon. First lets explore what is generally meant by hip openers in …

Yoga Jump Through

Lifting into Lolasana

The ability to lift into Lolasana or pendant pose, provides a powerful launch pad for more complex arm balances, and it will build the foundations of floating through from Adho …