Celebrate the return of the light and set your new intentions for the coming summer. Honour the light through a candle meditation where we sit and muse on our hopes for the approaching light. Creative exercises to establish your goals and say thank you for what you have recived. A Yoga Dharma community event which is free to our members and invited guests.

Yoga Pamper Day

SPECIAL OFFER FOR LIMITED PERIOD! Fran and Lola invite you for a day of indulgent pampering! Immerse yourself in a range of holistic pleasures including: Massage Reiki Crystals Indian Head …

summer micro 6

One Thousand Petals-Summer Micro Workshops

06/09/17 ONE THOUSAND PETALS – Blissful Relaxation through Yoga Nidra Our final micro workshop explores Sahasrara chakra at the crown of the head, this is our connection to our true …

Deep Relaxation

“The mind will slip into Alpha and then Theta brain wave activity, this also happens in meditation at the point of going to sleep or waking. This is the most …