1000 Hour Masters Teacher Training

Transcend your contemporaries with a Yoga Dharma 1000 hour teacher training certificate.

Your 1000 hour certificate can made up of

The 200 hours of masters teaching techniques is a totally unique approach, and is designed to initiate an intuitive approach to teaching yoga. In the 200 hour course we learn fundamental anatomy, alignment and adjustments. In the 300 hour advanced course we learn how to take our teaching and practice to a more subtle level. On the 200 hour masters teaching techniques course we assemble a raft of teaching skills from a wider perspective, developing an instinctive teaching method.

A large part of your course will be devoted to case studies over a 12 month period. Your case studies will begin with a thorough appraisal of your chosen students and their practice, and from this you will create a map of how you will go forward. As the course progresses we will integrate the skills acquired on this course into your feedback and advise.

The weekend modules and specialist workshops will focus on a range of holistic and related therapies, from Thai massage to Reiki, which will aid the development of intuitive skills. The workshops will provide you with an underpinning understanding of many specialist subjects which will provide you with a finely tuned infrastructure of skills. The workshops uncover the finer aspects of the subtle body and show how to apply these aspects to your students development.

Your analysis of students goes beyond the fundamental physical level into a deeper and broader scope. Your ability to diagnose and advise will come from a mature and rounded perspective, based on the skills gained from this course.

This course is totally unique. Become a master yoga teacher

Experience a journey of deep personal evolution, become a truly intuitive teacher

Embody a raft of philosophies

Empower your teaching

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