300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Dharma is a deep and intelligent journey into yoga, designed for qualified yoga teachers to progress to 500 hours of training. The course expands knowledge and expertise with the focus on equipping teachers with advanced skills.


The course is set over 7 weekend modules with space allowed for personal development through an in-depth study and analysis of each subject. The emphasis is on connecting with and applying the subtle body, both on the mat and off.


Karma, the law of action and reaction is looked at in-depth through guided study of the Bhagavad Gita. We take Karma as a concept and apply it to our daily lives, learning to observe our actions and the resulting reaction.


Close attention is paid to The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali through investigation of individual Sutras. This is achieved through presentation, guided readings, self-study and discussions. Other texts studied are, The Yoga Yajnavalkya and Kundalini Tantra.


The course begins with a thorough reappraisal of each students personal practice. Practices and techniques are provided for the integration of the subtle body, including exercises to incorporate Vayus for postural alignment.

Our understanding and application of Bandhas is essential to connecting with the subtle body. This is explored through practical examination of Swadhi bandha, Hri bandha, Nabhi Bandha, Janu Bandha and many more.


Included in theĀ 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training reappraisal is a review of the practice of Pranayama. An advanced practice is introduced, based on Prana and Pranayama.


Laya and Kundalini is explored through study of Kundalini Tantra. The Kundalini Tantra is the most detailed work dealing with the most fundamental concepts of Tantra, Kundalini and Chakras. It involves aspects of the theory of Kunadlini and its awakening.


The asana element is focused on refining our current practice through introducing the elements so far highlighted. Exploring the connection between the subtle body and the gross body, creates a transformational experience shifting the level of consciousness to a new depth.


A more refined awareness of anatomy and alignment is developed through practical instruction in areas such as, the shoulder girdle, the knee structure and the hips. As awareness shits we invest it into developing arm balances and back bending up to Kapotasana.


The overall focus of this 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is equipping teachers with the expertise to stand out in a very busy world of yoga teachers. Included will be advice and instruction on marketing. The culmination of this course is to present a 120-minute presentation about your choice. The whole 12 months is a chance to study and absorb the practices and philosophy, which will enable you to deliver your presentation to the highest standard.

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training


300 Hour Programme

300 Hour Programme

300 Hour Teacher Training Program & Modules
300 Hour Calendar

300 Hour Calendar

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