Yoga & Ethical Marketing


Yoga & ethical marketing is something to resolve if we want to offer what is unique about us.

Becoming a yoga teacher is something that is becoming more and more popular. There is good reason for this, as it can be a very flexible way to earn a living as well as being a very rewarding career. Often students have a desire to know more about yoga, and along the way they decide on a huge lifestyle change wanting to teach.


There has been a huge increase in people wanting to take up yoga, which means there is a growing demand for well-trained yoga teachers. There are many yoga teacher training courses to choose from now, and it can be difficult to decide where to get the best training. I believe the way forward is to inform and educate on how to make a good choice. It is my belief that as people become more informed, only the best schools and teachers will flourish.


Yoga is a booming industry, and not just classes. Yoga holidays, yoga equipment and training courses as well. The trend is set to continue creating many opportunities for the self-employed yoga teacher. Google “yoga teachers” and see for yourself, the results are astounding. That brings home the question of how you get your self noticed among the hundreds of millions of available possibilities.

Yoga & Ethical Marketing
Yoga & Ethical Marketing


Marketing and sales can have negative connotations, I think we all have had experiences of pushy sales people. I don’t believe sales has to be that way, especially if you underpin your strategies with some ethical and moral guidelines.


Selling services within the holistic industry is something that causes quite a few of us a dilemma. We set out with the best of intentions, full of enthusiasm and goodwill, but the truth is unless people know what we have to offer, how can they benefit. You may be the best yoga teacher in the world, but it wont matter unless you can be seen.


There is something unique about all of us. We all have something to offer, the trick is to identify what that is. In my experience over the last twenty years or so of being involved in yoga teacher training, no two people are alike. Teacher training students fall into two categories. There are those who have a clear picture of their business idea, and those who don’t. Discovering what is unique about you will give you something to offer that no one else is. If we use what is special about us and apply the moral principals of the Yamas and Niyamas, then our self-promotion will be sound and ethical.


The Yamas and Niyamas are our personal and universal codes of conduct. If we practice non-harm and market ourselves by what is special and unique about us, we can’t come into conflict with other teachers, or ourselves. We are only saying what it is we have to offer, and how we believe it can benefit others. If you stick to these principles, you will attract customers who will be loyal, and they will be your best marketing tool. PR is something you cannot buy, it must be earned. Looking after your customers will create loyalty and keep them with you for many years and decades.


All your marketing strategies are going to be based on how and why you have something no one else has. That doesn’t make the others wrong, they will have to work out their own uniqueness, that is not for you to judge. Don’t try and emulate what appears to be successful for someone else. Stick to your guns and learn how to let the people know who will be attracted to what you have to offer. Always be positive and consistent.

Martin Thompson