Yoga Teacher Training Apprenticeships

An exciting new Yoga Teacher Training program is now available at Yoga Dharma. Our Teacher Training apprenticeship course is unique and is designed around the student. It is an opportunity to learn from a team of highly experienced Yoga Teachers in a class room setting, and in a one to one setting.

Your course Director Martin Thompson has 45 years of experience to offer you, and he will personally guide through the course. Martin leads the Mysore classes at Yoga Dharma, and you will benefit from joining him for the early classes. This is an amazing opportunity to learn the art of fine adjustments on a one to one basis. You will be in the company of experienced practitioners and teachers where we discuss first hand personalised modifications for all levels of students.

This course option allows you to learn directly from your peers. You will benefit from their experiences and can discuss with them their journey first hand. We study their learning options and adapt them to our personal needs. No two people are alike, and we can make this a totally unique journey.

In a Mysore class setting, not only will we have the time and space to explore adjustments in detail, we will step over into the subtle body and philosophy. The learning experience becomes holistic, and an all-embracing platform. When for example we learn Nadi Shodan, you will hear how the journey is unique from the teachers and students around you. We discuss how these practices affected them emotionally and physically. We can include the subtle body of Nadis and Prana, alongside the gross body and the parasympathetic nervous system and the autonomic nervous system. In a quite natural setting we open the discussion into how practising breathing exercises, and Pranayama, we can learn to override the bodies natural flight and fight mechanism. We learn from our peers how controlling the breath helps us remain calm in stressful situations.


You will be able to experience first hand the day to day running of a highly successful Yoga Centre. You will gain insights into a range of marketing strategies, and how some are successful and some not so. In a Yoga Centre there are many tasks to undertake, and this will give successful candidates an insight into the many skills that are needed to thrive under pressure.

Above all else will be your personal practice. This again is an amazing opportunity to learn from the many examples you will be encountering. You will hear many stories of triumph over adversity, which will inspire you to overcome your own battles.

You will have many opportunities to have a one to one learning experience with Martin. Martin has 45 years of experience and has been Professionally Training Yoga Teachers for 12 years. This is an opportunity to learn from the direct experiences of one of the UK’s most experienced Yoga Teachers. Martin has few peers amongst the yoga world, and his first-hand knowledge and his in-depth experience is made personally available to you for this course.