• The power of crystals & yoga for healing
  • Unlock your chakras and unleash your inner fire!

Each week focuses on a different Chakra and employs a range of asana (yoga postures), pranyama (breathing techniques), and shat karmas (cleansing techniques) to unlock the energy of your chakras.

Chakras are compacted centres of subtle energy, which when unleashed will allow the subtle energy (prana) to circulate bringing health and vitality to the whole body.

Chakras connect with our bodies vital areas and opening these energy vortexes will heal every area of the body.

There are seven main chakras are,

  • Muladhara chakra, location at the pelvic floor
  • Swadhisthana chakra, location pelvic bowl
  • Manipura chakra, location navel
  • Anahata chakra, location heart centre
  • Vishuddhi chakra, location throat
  • Ajna chakra, location eyebrow centre
  • Sahastrara chakra, location crown of head

Crystal Healing & Chakra Yoga






Manipura chakra for example is associated with the digestive system and working on this area will aid a healthy digestion and the assimilation of new concepts in life.

A specific crystal is chosen to aid the healing of the chakra chosen by your teacher Lola and included in a guided meditation for the crystal unleash its healing properties.

Each class is completely unique and has an optional discussion on the crystals used/chakras worked on. If you have any questions about your personal crystal use Lola is happy to help you.

Lola is a Reiki Master and certified Crystal Healer.