“Meet your stumbling blocks and fears head on and begin your journey to a confident new being”

Fran Thompson.

We will begin the session, by introducing ourselves and identifying our fears and goals. Then working with the breath and focal point start to address where we hold past trauma within the mind and body, begin to move in alignment with our authentic desires and begin to manifest a bright, strong fun future.

Fran for event

This is just the beginning, of the victory over our conditioning, by having the tools required to alter our patterns of behaviour every day is the start of an adventure with our Self and our counterparts

“Yoga Dharma has and continues to change every aspect of my life daily in many ways”

This month’s Sistar meet will be on yoga and confidence building with Fran Thompson.

  • Using breath work (Pranayama)
  • Focus (Drishti)
  • Visualisation (Dharana)
  • Body movement and posture (Asana)
  • Affirmations (Sankalpa)

“They are a wealth of knowledge”

and lots of laughter, we will be able to meet our stumbling blocks, fears, head on and begin our journey to a confident new being.

This first event is invitation only.