avatar0523 weeks of intensive teacher training, yoga practice and cleansing was just what I needed at the time and just what I got. The food was perfectly balanced to keep us fired up for the mental and physical levels we needed to reach to see the education through. Presentations and discussions of the sutras, pranayama, subtle body and of course much more helped unite all that I already new and all that I had the intention to clarify, in addition many things I had never even considered before arose and vastly improved my teaching knowledge together with arousing new questions to my own personal development and understanding of my mind & ‘true nature’.

As a group we really gelled and after evening meditation we would stay in the beautiful converted barn to talk one another through postures and sequences. Often taking a walk up the mountains after dinner was another nice touch. Martin’s teaching and knowledge is impeccable. On such a course you will not find much time for sunbathing or leisure but we did have a couple of opportunities on the Saturdays that you take off to see a couple of local towns, which are very pleasant and everything is incredibly cheap, they love their pottery, when ordering food out that day do not expect any of it to arrive together in any logical order or to even get what you think you ordered, but it is likely it will all be very tasty.

I have been before to the tranquil venue and if you get any time or are not on an intensive course I would recommend going to the waterfalls, hilarious laundry on the mountain where a guy has his own man made natural laundry with a cafe at the top of the waterfall that washes your clothes.

Have fun if you visit Namaste x

Visited September 2013