Yoga Dharma Veliko Tarnovo excursions includes many chances to experience the unique and amazing heritage which the Bulgarians are rightly proud of.

Yoga Dharma is set in a mountain nature reserve surrounding Veliko Tarnovo, which was recently nominated for European city of culture.   


 The village of Hotnitsa has its amazing waterfalls for swimming and exploring. The village has evolved into a resort with restaurants, cafes and bars. It is one of our most popular trips.


Tryavana will take you back hundreds of years into Bulgarian culture, with its wattle and daub buildings. The town is a world famous centre for wood carving with many schools and a dedicated museum.  

There are rambling streets with cafes, bars and many shops selling local handicrafts. It is a town of culture with art galleries and hand crafted furniture. Tryavana is set in between the Balkan Mountains and has a river through its centre.

The town square with its cobbled street is surrounded with restaurants and is perfect for taking lunch or coffee while watching the world go by.      

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Bulgaria is rich with natural springs and spa towns their thermal and sulphur waters in which. Yoga Dharma overlooks the spa of Voneshta Voda (stinky waters) which offers many therapies around its sulphur springs.


Bulgaria’s heritage includes working monasteries, often built around waterfalls and stone age settlements. One such site is Dryanovo monastery, which is surrounded by ancient mountains with caves and Neolithic wall paintings.  


Veliko Tarnovo, or the city of the Tsars, is situated on three hills of Tsarevets, Trapezitsa, and Sveta Gora. The hills are set around the meandering river Yantra, with cobbled streets winding their way down to its banks. The Tsarevets are the palaces of the Bulgarian emperors and Patriarchates and sit looking out high over the city.  

The old town is full of culture with many artisans who display their crafts in the restored medieval buildings. The city attracts visitors from across the world and has many places of interest.   

Trapezitsa is known for its many churches and was the residence of the nobility. During the Middle Ages, the town was among the main European centres of culture and gave its name to the architecture of the Tarnovo Artistic Schoolpainting of the Tarnovo Artistic School, and to literature.


Bulgaria has a rich history, starting with the original peoples called the Bulgars, who are said originate from the middle east. Bulgarian’s can trace their ancestry back to Vedic times. The country is full of Thracian sites as well as some of the most impressive Romain remains in Europe.


Yoga Dharma is set in the Balkan mountain range, which stretches from its border with Serbia, and all the way to The Black sea.


Are all included in the cost of your yoga retreat of yoga course.


We have 15 years of experience in running yoga retreats and yoga teacher training from our centre in Veliko Tarnovo. We have an intimate knowledge of the area and its culture, which we include in our events.  


Martin and Fran invite you to experience the amazing culture of Bulgaria, from their warm and friendly centre.


Yoga Dharma is a fully modernised traditional farmhouse oozing with natural charm. The house and studio retain all its exposed beams, with floors and walls constructed from local stone.


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