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The true essence of Yoga, there is a strong embodiment of both the physical and philosophical elements of the truth of yoga.” Karen.


Yoga Teacher Training opportunities in all areas of yoga. All our course content is conscientiously researched and while drawing on traditional yoga sources it is also underpinned with supporting scientific evidence.


Epithelial cells cover the outer surface of the internal organs and the body. Epithelial cells play a role in protecting the body from pathogens and as such are linked to the immune system. COPD causes an inflammatory reaction which triggers a response called hyperplasia. Martin Thompson 01/04/22


“Yoga Dharma is the true essence of Yoga, there is a strong embodiment of both the physical and philosophical elements of the truth of yoga.” Karen.


All courses include a strong emphasis on yoga philosophy and history. We believe that to get to grips with our place in the evolution of yoga we need to explore and discuss its possible origins.


The word Hindu is derived from the Sanskrit word Sindhu, meaning ocean or river, and it is where the river Indus gets its name.

It is said the term Hindu was coined originally by the Persians, and It referred to the people who lived beyond the Indus River.

The term Al-Hind was used by Arabs to describe the country of India, and means an area, or geographical location, not a religion.

The term Hindu is also later used to describe non-Islamic people, including Buddhists. The British colonial period used the term Hinduism to describe non-Christians and included non-Indian religions. Even in the modern era the Indian high court has been called upon to define Hinduism.

The origin of Yoga is not clear with no recorded history and was perhaps muddied further by the British colonisation of India, with its very Eurocentric opinions. Martin Thompson 12/11/21


A strong understanding of the alignment of postures is fundamental to safe practice and teaching. Every body is different and as such adjustments will always be individual. Time is spent observing and discussing possible modifications and adjustments so that students are confident and assured advising and adjusting.

“The training felt very personalised-Martin and Steve really made sure we understood the reasons why we were approaching each asana (and its adjustments) in a particular way.” Ben.

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“If you are searching for an overall authentic yoga teacher training, this one is for you. The two weeks I spent in Veliko Tarnovo were unforgettable and made a huge impact for me – on and off the mat.” Judith 2019

Yoga Dharma Teacher Training Courses are highly recommended for those who want to take their personal practice a step further, and attain a comprehensive knowledge base on the philosophical and practical elements of yoga. Your insight into the alignment and safe practice of asanas will enable you to teach with confidence and flair.  

Martin is a brilliant teacher. His knowledge and expertise on the practical, philosophical and historical elements of yoga are second to none” Stacie 2016


On completion you will receive a Yoga Alliance International & Yoga Alliance Yoga Dharma certificate. With a track record of nearly 20 years’ experience of running teacher training courses Yoga Dharma has the infrastructure and expertise to ensure individual requirements are met.

“Yoga Dharma is the true essence of Yoga, there is a strong embodiment of both the physical and philosophical elements of the truth of yoga. Martin and the team deliver it in a way that forces you to bond greater with your own journey of asana practice and inner self awareness


The content of the courses includes all areas of teaching and running your yoga business. Areas covered include the Science of yoga, how to set up and run a yoga business, pranayama, meditation, the subtle body , yoga philosophy, how to manage and teach your class and so on…..


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