“Difficult to find teachers as expert as these”

They showed the correct and more importantly the safe way to practice and there is no doubt in my mind it would be difficult to find other teachers as expert as these.

Louise Burcombe: 200 hour TT. 300 Hour TT. 100 Hour Pranayama TT

“Proud to be your student”

“I have to thank you so much Martin for accommodating me, I am truly very grateful for all the hard work dedication and commitment you put into all of us. I will endeavour to do you proud. I am proud to be your student”

Karen Idun Jan 2022: 500 Hour TT. 100 Hour Pranayama TT. 100 Hour Meditation TT. 100 Hour Pranayama level 2 TT.

“Cannot recommend it enough”

“I’ve just completed teacher training with Yoga Dharma. It was hard work, but I cannot recommend it enough. Martin and Steve are fantastic teachers and were incredibly supportive throughout. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to train with them – I came away excited to go deeper. 

Ben Aldridge 2018

“Yoga Dharma is the true essence of Yoga”

“Yoga Dharma is the true essence of Yoga, there is a strong embodiment of both the physical and philosophical elements of the truth of yoga. Martin and Alex deliver it in a way that forces you to bond greater with your own journey of asana practice and inner self awareness. Through Martin and Alex’s teaching, studying with Yoga Dharma has and continues to change every aspect of my life daily in many ways. They are a wealth of knowledge that in my view supersedes the cost of their teachings. Having just passed and completed my 500hr teacher training, I can truly say that I am about to elevate to the next phase of my life journey, and I cannot wait. Yoga changes your life if you really want it to, wise words given by Guru Martin Thomson”.


“I leave every lesson with the feeling that I have taken away something new with me”

Martin’s teacher training is second to none, this is my second teacher training course with Martin and I would not go anywhere else. His teaching method is knowledgeable and invites you to drill down further into our lesson topics in order to validate your conclusions, I leave every lesson with the feeling that I have taken away something new with me.

Elaine McCaulsky: 200 Hour TT. 100 hour Pranayama TT

“Martin is a brilliant teacher”

His knowledge and expertise on the practical, philosophical and historical elements of yoga are second to none”

Stacie 2013

“Passion to help people discover their way through Yoga”

Yoga Dharma has been the place I always return to for my Yoga tuition to develop my training as a teacher. This is not only down to the fact of their high quality of guidance in practice and theory. But also Martin and Fran actively seek to care for those who have finished training with them. Yoga is a life time commitment to learning and continual growth. I have felt that Yoga Dharma is there to provide supported learning when I am studying by myself. They have a passion to help people discover their way through Yoga, adapting to what is needed from their students and generously sharing their time and knowledge with those who need it outside of formal classes.

Liam Scarth: 500 Hour TT. 100 Hour Pranayama TT. 100 Hour Meditation TT.

Teacher Training Reviews

“Exceptionally high standard”

I thoroughly enjoyed my meditation training with Yoga Dharma. The lessons were very informative and explained very well. 

We were encouraged to participate in discussions with other students and all our comments and thoughts were welcomed. 

I looked forward to each class and left feeling confident in taking classes in small or large groups. 

I would recommend anyone who is looking at training in meditation or pranayama / yoga to train with Yoga Dharma as the teaching is of an exceptionally high standard. 

Helen Evans 2018

“Highly recommend”

“I’d highly recommend teacher training with Yoga Dharma. I’ve done both my 200hr teacher training and 100hr pranayama training with Martin and have loved both. The training is comprehensive, not only covering all aspects of history, theory and the eight limbs but also has a big focus on asana alignment, anatomy and an emphasis on teaching practice, which we all know is essential to ultimately becoming a great teacher. I learnt a huge amount and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to become a yoga teacher or wanting to deepen their personal yoga practice.”

Laura Birch 2018: 200 Hour TT. 100 Hour Pranayama TT

“Wise words and teachings”

I undertook the yoga Dharma 200 hour yoga course in Nottingham with a great bunch of fellow students. Martin is very experienced and knowledgeable teacher with his wise words and teachings ringing in my ears to this day😊 I learnt so much about myself as well as yoga and have great memories and friends from doing this course.

Rachel Lerway 2018

Yoga Dharma Teacher Training Veliko Tarnovo 5

“A few things really stood out” 

1. the training felt very personalised – at the outset Martin asked if there was anything in particular each of us wanted to work on or look at, and these things were then woven in. If we were struggling with something, Martin and Steve would make time for further discussion, an exercise or practice around that (eg mula bandha).

2. the way the philosophy element was presented really encouraged discussion and deeper reflection. 

3. Martin and Steve really made sure we understood the reasons why we were approaching each asana (and its adjustments) in a particular way. 

4. the setting is absolutely stunning!

Thank you for a wonderful experience.”

Ben, 200 Hours TT

Steve and Emma 2019

“Cant recommend enough”

“I have recently completed my Teacher Training with Yoga Dharma and I can’t recommend it enough.  The teachers shared their knowledge generously with us, instead of showing off their knowledge. 

Louise 500 Hour TT.

“Expertise and energy at Yoga Dharma”

The level of expertise and energy at yoga dharma made teacher training a transformative experience. The teachers adapted their approach to suit all our individual abilities – motivating us to challenge ourselves and enjoy the process the improvement in all our physical practise was clear throughout the week and our group discussions about philosophy provided us all with a greater insight into the life enhancing powers of yoga!

Dan Kyee: 500 TT. 200 Hour Meditation TT. 200 Hour Pranayama TT

“Wonderful and transformative experience”

the incredibly knowledgeable and supportive teachers, and the wonderful accommodations, allowed us all to stay focused on the task at hand and kept us inspired at all times. I really was a wonderful and transformative experience, one I cannot recommend enough, and a place that I very much look forward to visiting again.

James Wheatly


I spent a week in Bulgaria with Yoga Dharma as part of my 200hr Teacher Training Course. I had a wonderful time and was awe-struck by the beautiful surroundings. It was an extremely peaceful environment, as we were situated up in the hills. The purpose-built yoga studio is a joy to practice in and the house itself is charming. We had wonderful teachers who were able to both challenge and inspire us. Having never visited Bulgaria before, I am already keen to return!

Clare McCall

“An invaluable experience”

“For me the course was an invaluable experience of 7 days of thorough practise, learning and benefiting from both teachers and students. I loved being totally immersed in yoga away from distractions and being surrounded by the beautiful Bulgarian wilderness. It has transformed my practise, thank you.”

Anna Carr: 200 Hour TT. 100 Hour Pranayama TT.

“Training structure and format excellent”

The training structure and format was excellent with good on-hand training support from Yoga Dharma.

Kirk Williams.

“Definitely recommend”

The course was full, informative, interesting and rewarding. Would definitely recommend it anyone who wants absorb fully into their practice and studies”

Donna Gaba 2015

“Martin and Fran are amazingly experienced and knowledgeable”

“Martin and Fran are amazingly experienced and knowledgeable people about yoga and human nature. The literature, education materials, methods of teaching and guests during the training, were to the highest level.”

Ania Tyburska.

“I can honestly say it has been a life-changing experience

“Yoga Dharma’s Teacher Training course will challenge you and question you, however the knowledge and experience you gain will be transformational to you personally and to your teaching”.

Under the expert guidance of Fran and Martin, we were provided a safe and inspiring environment where we could explore our personalities to build confidence and learn about the art of teaching Yoga

I can honestly say it has been a life-changing experience. During the year I have learnt so much about myself, the human body, how to teach and adjust, Yoga Philosophy and most importantly I have made some amazing Yoga teaching friends whom will be part of my life for a long time to come.

Yoga Dharma’s Teacher Training course will be transformational to you personally and to your teaching”.

Daniel Groom

“This course has opened my heart to be a better person”

” Martin and Fran have excellent teaching skills and very extensive knowledge. This course definitely has greatly improved my practice and has given me the ability to progress further.”

“The course was structured to allow our own personal development. With a relaxed atmosphere allowing the students to work at their own pace.

Although I started this course to improve my practice, the course opened my eyes to a much wider variety of subjects, such as philosophy, mythology as well as anatomy.

I feel this course has opened my heart to be a better person with confidence and I would recommend this course to anyone”.

Peter Jones.

“Two committed experts Martin and Fran”

“Under the watchful eye of the two committed experts Martin and Fran took my practice and knowledge of Yoga so much further over the year and has inspired me to start

Taking up the Teacher Training at Yoga Dharma opens up new possibilities to learn philosophy from within an experience of connecting mind, body and soul and it is a path to greater self-control, mindfulness and health that transfers to all other parts of your life.

The Teacher Training under the watchful eye of the two committed experts Martin and Fran took my practice and knowledge of Yoga so much further over the year and has inspired me to start my own teaching practice.”

Damian DeLucian.

“Recommend the course to anyone”

“I loved the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training” Course at Yoga Dharma Fran and Martin complement each other very well as they are both very knowledgeable but have different teaching styles which make the classes challenging and fun. I would recommend the course to anyone wanting to delve deeper into all aspects of Yoga- it is a life changing experience.

Bessie Refalo.