About Teacher Training – Yoga Dharma teacher training is a profound and personal journey of self-discovery, enabling students to reach their special and exclusive inherent potential.



Students are fully supported through all aspects of the course for a successful completion by our team of dedicated yoga professionals. Assessment is individual considering personal learning styles and preferences.

Course modules are stand-alone elements that build into a comprehensive foundation covering all aspects of teaching yoga. The continuous enrolment has many benefits including peer learning.


The content, quality and delivery of the 200-hour course ensures the knowledge and skills attained by our graduates is superior, making them much in demand yoga teachers. The course comes with comprehensive notes, handouts and power point presentations, which are available through a dedicated portal via the teacher training recourses page on the website.

“Yoga Dharma is the true essence of Yoga, there is a strong embodiment of both the physical and philosophical elements of the truth of yoga. Martin and the team deliver it in a way that forces you to bond greater with your own journey of asana practice and inner self awareness. Karen.

Full training programs are published with each course along with the key points.


At Yoga Dharma we offer a range of individual and flexible options for teacher training and includes,

  • One to one teaching
  • 15 day residential
  • 1/2/3/6-month courses
  • 12-month courses
  • Courses tailored to individual needs
  • We have the infrastructure and resources to manufacture a course around your individual requirements and existing commitments
  • Skills exchange. If you think you have the skills we need, then talk with us about an exchange of skills for teacher training
  • Yoga Dharma run 200, 300- and 500-hour training courses. 200 hours teach meditation courses. 15-day residential courses. Pranayama training courses and soon to come 200 hours-yoga therapy courses.


Yoga Dharma are accredited with Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International and both are internationally recognised accrediting bodies. Yoga Dharma exceeds the minimum requirements set out by both bodies.



The skills and knowledge acquired on a Yoga Dharma training course sets our graduates apart from the average, being equipped to run professional and successful yoga classes.

Teach yoga with self-confidence, flair, individuality and with your own voice.

  • Our graduates are much in demand as yoga teachers
  • Have set up countless successful yoga businesses
  • Run profitable and rewarding yoga retreats
  • Our graduates are known for their high levels of knowledge and skill
  • Teaching yoga is becoming a very popular career choice so its now more important than ever to choose a course that equips you to be the best!
  • Yoga Dharma have a proven track record over nearly two decades

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