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Yoga Teacher Training UK – Our courses are the best way to start your education as a yoga teacher. We are here to guide you on your journey to become an excellent yoga teacher.

I’ve just completed my teacher training with Yoga Dharma, I cannot recommend it enough” Ben.

Yoga Teacher Training


We have 17 years’ worth of experience in running yoga teacher training courses in the UK and Europe, so you can trust us to deliver quality training.


Choose from a range of training opportunities in all areas of yoga which are scrupulously researched. Courses are authentically presented and where relevant underpinned with evidenced based scientific research.


jalandhara bandha in kumbhaka exerts pressure to baroreceptors in the carotid sinus. The carotid sinus baroreceptor plays a vital role in the control of blood pressure and heart rate. Application of mulabandha activates the parasympathetic nervous system via the splanchnic nerves,


Cerebral vasodilation – Holding the breath creates a response called cerebral anoxia. The capillaries, where gas exchange takes place do not all work at the same time, so when the brain calls for more oxygen, the resting capillaries respond through cerebral vasodilation.”


Samkhya is an empirical philosophy with systems established within it to be able to verify truthfulness and integrity. Pramana means right knowledge, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali sets this out in Sutra 1.7, as it defines three ways, in which we can verify the truth.

structure and format was excellent” Kirk.

The training is comprehensive, not only covering all aspects of history, theory and the eight limbs but also has a big focus on asana alignment, anatomy and an emphasis on teaching practice.” Laura.

“I have recently completed my Teacher Training with Yoga Dharma and I can’t recommend it enough.  The teachers shared their knowledge generously with us, instead of showing off their knowledge.” Louise.

“Incredibly knowledgeable and supportive teachers” James


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Our courses exhaustively cover the practical, philosophical, and technical elements of yoga ensuring our graduates are fully prepared for their new career.

“I have to thank you so much Martin for accommodating me, I am truly very grateful for all the hard work dedication and commitment you put into all of us. I will endeavour to do you proud. I am proud to be your student” Karen.

“If you are considering a yoga teacher training course then I would highly” recommend Yoga Dharma. Martin is a brilliant teacher. His knowledge and expertise on the practical, philosophical, and historical elements of yoga are second to none. My practise and confidence improved considerably during my time there”. Stacie Kinchin


Help is on hand even when you’ve finished your course. Your learning and evolution will continue and we are on hand to provide support at any time.

Martin and Fran actively seek to care for those who have finished training with them. Yoga is a life time commitment to learning and continual growth. I have felt that Yoga Dharma is there to provide supported learning when I am studying by myself. Liam.


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