Yoga Teacher Training UK


Yoga Teacher Training UK – Yoga Dharma teacher training courses are the best way to start your education as a yoga teacher.

We are here to guide you on this journey and help you become an excellent teacher by unleashing your potentials on the way.


We are all different and have different ways of teaching, different aspects we want to focus on. when holding a yoga class. Yoga Dharma’s Teacher Training Programs helps you find your unique side to create your own teaching style and reach to the audience you desire.

“If you are searching for an overall authentic yoga teacher training, this one is for you. Unforgettable with a huge impact for me – on and off the mat.”

Yoga Dharma Teacher Training Courses are also highly recommended for those who want to take their personal practice a step further and broaden their knowledge on the philosophy and history of yoga, alignment and safe practice of asanas and in case you ever change your mind,  we also give your ideas on how to start your own business.


If you are looking for a,

  • Residential course
  • Studio course
  • Online course  
  • you need look no further.


All our courses are accredited with either or both Yoga Alliance International, and Yoga Alliance. 

“an unforgettable experience, both professionally and personally”.


The Yoga Dharma team is led by Martin and Fran Thompson with an unparalleled 90 + years of yoga life and experience between them. Yoga Dharma have the best part of 20 years background in running courses and have the infrastructure to support you al the way to your goals.

Whether you wish to be a teacher or immerse yourself into the essence and heart of yoga this will be a life enhancing experience. If you wish to teach, these courses will enable you to run professional and rewarding classes. Your knowledge and expertise on the philosophical and practical elements of yoga will enable you to stand out among your peers.


Finding your own voice and style are essential for promoting yourself as a teacher. The Yoga Dharma Teacher Training system enables you to promote yourself with an ethical marketing approach based on the Yamas and Niyamas.