Yoga Dharma Message


Yoga without compromise, is our message. Yoga without fads, and where you don’t need to wear the right clothes, or know the right people. Yoga as a way of life, and encompassing the values of yoga through our practice, leaning heavily on the Yamas and Niyamas.

One of our core values is the Yama of Ahimsa, or non-harm.  This is expressed by us in a variety of ways, and includes promoting the values of veganism and vegetarianism, which we practise by example. The universal application of ahimsa has wide ranging positive implications for all of us. Applying ahimsa refers to how we communicate, and our respect for others through our thoughts and deeds. At Yoga Dharma we do not tolerate the bad mouthing of others or spreading negative gossip. We are universally accepting of all, regardless of whether they are the ‘cool ones’ or not.

We are passionate in promoting veganism and vegetarianism as a way of life, and have recently changed the menu of our café to vegan from vegetarian.

Our values of non-harm include the re-thinking of all our armed forces. We believe the UK should use its status as a permanent member of the UN to be a broker for world peace. War does not work, and nuclear stand-off is based on intimidation and threat.

“This does not mean we allow ourselves to be a walk over, either individually our nationally. We propose a completely different approach to life, which is not based on fear or power. We are each responsible for our actions and the result of our actions. This means we first must look at ourselves, and see what our life looks like now. If you don’t like what you see, then you have the power to change it. This is an empowering concept, and takes the power away from ‘them’ The trick is you need to know what you want”

Yoga is a powerful tool for knowing who you are and what you want from life. I’m not talking about self-help programs to make you rich or get a bigger car. The study of yoga will open your mind to the bigger picture, realising we are all connected, and what we say or do regarding others will have enormous consequences for all of us.

Every thought you have will manifest in some way, you need to be continuously aware of your thoughts. This is a massive task at first, but it gets easier the more you practise. In fact, that is all we need to do, just practise. Practise who you want to be, think the world you want to live in and it will manifest in front of your eyes.

At Yoga Dharma we want to see a world that does not carry out the slaughter of countless animals each year. There is no need to consume the dead flesh of another animal, and in fact it would be one of the biggest actions we could undertake to prevent global warming. We want to live in a community that promotes peace. We want to live in a country where the church promotes peace, and condemns war, we also believe our church should promote non-harm to animals.

Martin Thompson