The First Ten Years

“We found our paradise. It was sublime, set on the side of a mountain in a nature reserve”

150-clear-circleIt is ten years this March since we set out on our journey to start the first and only professional yoga space in the Southend area and indeed much wider. I remember the doubters who said it would not work, and that we were charging too much. What they didn’t know was I had a vision. I knew it would not only work, but would become the standard for professionalism in teaching yoga in these parts. I had been to studios in London and could see the difference between what was being offered there and the parochial church hall yoga in Southend.

The thing is you see, it had to work. I had given up my very good job and was about to embark on an uncharted journey across darkest Europe all the way to Bulgaria. The space in Southend was in place, ready to start on our return to the UK. We decided to try Bulgaria, which was a very unknown factor then, after trying in France several times. I was amazed at what was available, and we were lucky enough to meet someone who had just got back who gave us some great contacts. There is an amazing story about our journey there, but that will have to wait.

We spent around six weeks travelling around Bulgaria, until on our last few days found our paradise. It was sublime, set on the side of a mountain in a nature reserve, and all for an amazingly low price. We did have a massive job renovating and improving it to come up to Western standards, but what we ended up with was beyond comparison here.

On returning to Southend we had the task of getting our space here ready for action. This took much longer than expected, as the good old planning department kept refusing our planning permission. But we persevered and we opened, if a bit late. In the meantime, work had begun in BG and was well underway.

Well here we are about to celebrate our first ten tears with all our amazing yoga friends. We have gone from absolutely nothing into a thriving yoga community in this time. We have just finished a massive renovation here in Southend, and all our holidays in BG are sold out for this year. We have trained countless teachers, who have gone on to be successful in their own right. We have gone from a few classes per week up to a packed seven-day timetable.

All this would not have been possible without much help along the way, we are blessed to have an amazing team here at Yoga Dharma who share our vision of a yoga community.