“They showed the correct and more importantly the safe way to practice and there is no doubt in my mind it would be difficult to find  teachers as expert as these”. Louise Burcombe

We are proud of our reputation as “that place where they do real yoga”. We have strived to provide the Southend community, our students in Veliko Tarnovo, throughout the UK and worldwide who have visited one of our three centres with highest possible standards.


“I have to thank you so much Martin for accommodating me, I am truly very grateful for all the hard work dedication and commitment you put into all of us. I will endeavour to do you proud. I am proud to be your student” Karen, Glasgow.


Yoga Dharma began with just one room, and grew into two UK centres and a residential centre in Veliko Tarnovo. This was possible thanks to the support from our many dedicated seekers , friends and family.


Our mission has and always will be to make education and personal growth the reason to be.

Yoga Dharma is the true essence of Yoga” “Yoga Dharma deliver in a way that forces you to bond greater with your own journey of asana practice and inner self awareness.”

Me Elaine and Gary 1

“Yoga Dharma has and continues to change every aspect of my life daily in many ways. They are a wealth of knowledge that in my view supersedes the cost of their teachings.”


We never turn away a genuine seeker and Its our policy to offer a welcome and yoga to anyone who asks. Not everyone is lucky enough to have the spare cash to pay for yoga. Yoga Dharma have always provided space in our classes for those that cant afford to pay.

They have a passion to help people discover their way through Yoga, adapting to what is needed from their students and generously sharing their time and knowledge with those who need it outside of formal classes. Liam.”

Yoga Dharma.

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