The Dharma Ashram is in the tranquil hills and mountains surrounding Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria. We’ve been here the best part of 20 years running teacher training courses and retreats, and now its time for change.


We are vegetarian so this will appeal to people of a similar disposition. We are also alcohol and drug free, and again this will appeal to people of a similar disposition.


The world appears to be going through a time of change, and things that only recently seemed normal, we are now being told is abnormal. If you have a similar outlook you’ll know what we mean. We are encouraging people with open minds to visit to discuss topics freely without dogma. This will always be from a peaceful non-harm standpoint.


There have been medical interventions, sometimes imposed on people which we find totally unacceptable. if you are of a like minded disposition, you will feel comfortable and safe here at the Dharma Ashram.


The Ashram is set up as a residential yoga centre, with en suite rooms, a yoga studio, a small pool and yoga equipment. There are large grounds with an orchard and lots of trees.



We are now building a space for open minded people to come and visit and to talk openly on topics such as yoga and yoga philosophy, the current world political position, self-healing, foraging, self-reliance, personal responsibility, developing and maintaining the ability to stand back and observe the way the world seems be heading, and realising we have the ability to create a world in our own image, and the maturity to understand what it is we need, not want!


We come from a background in yoga, so we have the ethical and moral guidelines of the Yamas and Niyamas to guide us. We realise other disciplines will have their own ethical and moral guidelines. This is fine, so long as we are acting from a peaceful and non-harmful view point.


We are not asking for fixed payments and we will always where possible accept seekers regardless of their circumstances. However, as you can imagine a big centre needs lots of maintenance and the revenue from the courses and retreats have always paid for this.


We are not selling retreats and courses, so we are asking for donations and or skills exchange. We will not set a minimum donation, we’ll leave it up to you to decide what’s a fair exchange.


Daily tasks such as shopping, cleaning, cooking, mowing the lawn, washing etc. will be undertaken by everyone.


We are looking for help with some of the bigger projects we are currently working on such as clearing land to plant wood burning trees, erect fencing, create natural springs from underground waterways, creating vegetable growing areas, and laying paths.

We may be able to offer a stay in exchange for the right people.


Is this something you think would interest you? Do you have skills to offer? Do you need a place to stop for a while and take stock of all that’s going on right now? If so you can contact Martin and Fran on:

  • 00447887357306
  • 00359887805378
Martin and Fran