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“Yoga Dharma is the true essence of yoga” Karen

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I love the community
I started coming to Yoga Dharma nearly 9 years ago. I’d never thought of yoga as something I’d want to do. I’d been seeing an osteopath because of a neck problem and he suggested I go to pilates, but I couldn’t find a class so came along to Dharma with…

What are you waiting for?
I first came to Yoga Dharma in the summer of 2013. It was a challenging time in my life at 53 I was coping with the menopause, had recently completed treatment for early stage breast cancer, and on top of that dealing with empty nest syndrome as both…

I have found a practise which I love
I was recommended by a friend to Yoga Dharma over a year ago. I initially wanted to improve flexibility and strength, as I play competitive sport. I wasn’t bargaining on everything else that came along with being a member of such a great place.

A real sense of personal achievement
Yoga Dharma has both a relaxing and friendly environment and I have found it has greatly improved my spiritual practice. I was interested in the philosophical side of yoga and wanted to find out what yoga was about…

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