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I visit as often as I can!

Unfortunately I don’t live near yoga dharma, but I do visit as much as possible when I’m able. They teach authentic, raw, real yoga. It’s undeniably welcoming. I’ve practised on and of most my life and this feels like home (yoga wise!).


Fran and Martin’s passion and love for yoga is tangible and threaded through everything Yoga Dharma does. From the laughter, camaraderie and the no-fuss relaxed vibe to the outstanding level of teaching, knowledge and experience, you feel that you’ve arrived somewhere really rather special. The food in the cafe is definitely worth a mention too!

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Yoga Dharma is one of Southend’s best kept secrets. The Husband and Wife team Martin and Fran are both authentic and knowledgeable yoga teachers that have many years of experience under their belts that they love to share with their students. They are extremely welcoming and get to know all their students to ensure that they are comfortable and working safely.

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Year's teaching experience
studios (2 in Southend, 1 in Bulgaria)
250 ish!
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